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“Jewelry is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.”- Garance Daré

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Once you begin to collect gemstones and use them as the ancients did, you’ll be transformed by the results you get during prayer and meditation…
"I wanted to let you know that i received all the star rubies! They are so beautiful! gave the large one to my friend, and she adore it! Thank you so very much!
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Alexandra Lores​
With Anyuta’s expert care and excellent design knowledge, she created this amazing ring for me . First we chose the stones, then Anyuta did several sketches before we decided on this stunning creation. The fire in the opals is cosmic. I love it and highly recommend this bespoke service .
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Thank you!! My ring is just beautiful<3 I am looking forward to making another purchase! My package arrived very fast and I had to wait so long to make this review :))
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Joseph J. Borowski
My camera is not doing these beautiful lemon quartz justice , wonderfully cut and an amazing sparkle. Arrived well packaged and on time . Would highly recommend .
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Caroline Smart
This is unbelievable, it is very beautiful and much better. In fact, I'm unable to thank you and it will not be our last interaction. You have gained a regular customer!
owp people 8 jewelry,unique,gems
Marisha Nevalus ​
Very bold and tangible piece of green glows. It looks like pistachio ice cream! Marvellous, thankyou xxx
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“Jewelry Has The Power To Be The One Little Thing That Makes You Feel Unique.” – Elizabeth Tayler​

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