Amethyst is absolutely stunning and beloved all over the world. This gem has so many wonderful properties that make it truly useful and powerful. It is even said that Amethyst was one of the twelve gemstones that lined the walls of heaven in Revelations! This amazing crystal affects the Seventh Chakra, which rests at the top of the head like a radiant crown shining upwards. This connection can help you feel at one with Mother Earth and the wider universe, creating a sense of calm and tranquility. Its Crown Chakra properties create a wonderful connection to the divine and help to promote inner healing, making it a great tool for meditation, prayer, energy healing, Reiki and pranic healing. Its properties as a happiness chakra mean it can boost brain activity and help you feel more compassionate and self-aware. It truly is a crystal fit for a queen!



Amethyst is not only a beautiful gemstone, but it also possesses many beneficial properties that make it a popular choice among healing and spiritual practitioners. This special gemstone is known for its ability to move sacred awareness within a person. It has been widely believed that amethyst has the extraordinary magical powers to purify a person's mind, soul, and body. The unique energy and vibrations of amethyst can activate and enhance intuitive abilities in a person through meditation. In addition, the properties of this gemstone can transform negative energy into positive energy. This process involves converting lower vibrations to higher frequencies, resulting in an increase in love energy. This means that amethyst can have a significant impact on a person's emotional wellbeing, bringing inner peace, harmony, and happiness. Furthermore, amethyst works specifically with the Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows. It helps to cleanse and balance all the chakras within the energy body, bringing about an overall sense of balance and tranquility. You can experience the many benefits of amethyst all day long by wearing it as jewelry to maintain a peaceful, calm, and confident demeanor.



The incredible benefits of amethyst cannot be overstated. It is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to help people achieve a state of calm and inner peace. Amethyst is known for its ability to ease tension and strain in the body, soothe irritability, and dispel negative emotions like anger, fury, and anxiety. Perhaps one of the most remarkable properties of amethyst is its ability to act as a natural stress reliever. This crystal attracts positive energy. At the same time, it helps the body to release negative emotions and feelings, such as stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. The result of these combined effects is a sense of calm and tranquility, ideal for meditation and spiritual development. In short, if you're feeling tense or stressed out, amethyst can offer you a sense of relief and serenity. It's an incredibly supportive crystal that can help you find your inner calm and reconnect with your spiritual self.



Did you know that Amethyst is an incredible crystal with a multitude of healing properties? It is not only capable of healing and cleansing the physical, spiritual, and emotional body but also has the ability to protect them. This makes it an all-around powerhouse for those seeking healing and protection. One of the most powerful aspects of Amethyst is its ability to transform negative energy into positive, loving energy. It has a calming effect on the mind and can help you identify and recover from addictive behavior or relationships. It can also play an important role in boosting sobriety by helping to build a sober brain in the case of drunkenness. This is achieved through its ability to produce a lulling impression on the consciousness, challenging the body to sober up. In addition to these benefits, Amethyst can also aid in hormone production and help balance the hormone system by energetically assisting in the creation of essential hormones for proper bodily function. Overall, Amethyst is an excellent choice for those seeking holistic healing and protection.


Amethyst, the stunning gemstone, holds within it incredible healing powers that are said to provide great benefits to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's wellbeing. This precious stone has been known to aid in fighting off diseases and provide excellent support during times of combat. Moreover, amethyst works by supporting the cleansing of blood, which subsequently reduces physical, emotional, and psychical hurt and stress. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from sicknesses of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, chaos in cells, infection of the digestive system, and even psychological distress. To fully experience these benefits, one can wear a protective amethyst crystal, thus acquiring protection from all kinds of distress and negative energies. By embracing the divine powers of amethyst, one can enjoy a healthier and more vibrant life.


Amethyst is a powerful stone that has been known to offer a wide range of benefits to its users. One of its most beneficial properties is its ability to promote restful sleep. With Amethyst in place, you can be assured of getting a good night's rest, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It also supports remembering and understanding dreams, making it an excellent tool for those who wish to explore the world of dreams. This calming stone works wonders to quiet the mind, which can aid in a variety of practices such as meditation and generally moving through life from a higher state of being. Regardless of who you are or what your goals are in life, an Amethyst crystal can support you along your life's journey. It can help balance emotional highs and lows, while encouraging honesty and self-control. In summary, Amethyst is not just a pretty stone, but a powerful tool that can offer a multitude of benefits to its users. If you're looking for a way to enhance your sleep, improve your mental clarity, and balance your emotions, an Amethyst crystal could be just what you need.

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