• Hardness: 6.5 -7
  • Chakra: Root (base)
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn


Throughout history, Onyx has been recognized for its powerful ability to eliminate negative energy and promote a harmonious existence. This crystal is steeped in meaning, and its symbolism is wide-ranging and expansive. According to legend, the darker the hue of the Onyx, the more negativity it has absorbed, making it potentially even more potent in its protective abilities. Black Onyx is especially powerful, as it grants the user the willpower to make important decisions and to navigate difficult situations with ease. This crystal can help you stand your ground in times of uncertainty and can help to fortify your relationships, allowing you to draw closer to your loved ones. Black Onyx can also help to unlock your full potential, propelling you toward greater success in your business and personal endeavors. Whether you are seeking greater clarity or simply need a companion in times of conflict, Black Onyx is the ideal choice. Choose this magical gemstone and discover a world of possibilities.



Onyx places are in countries around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Botswana, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, and the USA.


The mystical black Onyx crystal has become a popular tool in the practice of chakra balancing. Specifically, it has been found to stimulate and activate the Base Chakras, which are located at the base of the spine. This powerful chakra is responsible for commanding and regulating our energy levels, as well as our abilities to physically move and feel sensations. When our Base Chakra is balanced and aligned, our physical body is filled with an abundance of vitality, strength, and a renewed sense of sacred energy. We are then gifted with a greater sense of inner safety and belief in our own power. The profound effects of the Onyx’s energy often results in a newfound sense of liberation, and even unexpected leadership qualities may manifest.

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Cleopatra, the iconic queen of Egypt, was known to have a particular affinity towards Black Onyx, not only due to its stunning look and glossy texture, but also for its ability to serve a vital purpose in her life. She was aware of its potent energy and defensive features, which helped her in sensing negative energy and hidden danger around her. Black Onyx, like any other gemstone, can come in various colors and hues, but it is usually dyed to enhance its color and generate a consistent look. This practice is not new and has been used for hundreds of years. The deep, rich black color of Onyx can be achieved by applying concentrated honey or sugar, which creates a black gloss that is both captivating and visually stunning. It is important to note that trustworthy gemstone suppliers around the world always provide clear explanations about any treatments or enhancements that have been made to their gemstones. So, if you are a gemstone enthusiast or collector, always look for a reliable seller who will guide you through the intricacies of gemstone treatments and enhancements.

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