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  • Element – Earth, Water
  • Hardness – 7


Did you know that the word "quartz" actually has two potential origins? One is the German word "quarz," while the other is the Grecian word "krystallos," which actually means ice. Despite the multiple potential meanings behind the root of the word quartz, there is no denying that this gemstone is incredibly strong and prized for its curative properties. In fact, it is often hailed as the most effective healing gem of the mineral kingdom, with the ability to work on any condition that might arise. With its many practical uses, it has been given the title of "Universal Crystal." Whether you're looking for manifesting, healing, meditation, security, or even channeling, quartz can help. Furthermore, this calming gemstone can assist in periods of grief, dispel negativity, and defend against environmental pollution by replacing these negative energies with positive, loving vibes. Finally, it can help stimulate feelings of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, trustworthiness, and self-worth.



Quartz is an absolutely remarkable gem, and for centuries people have revered it as the ultimate symbol of love. This gemstone has an unrivaled ability to create balance and stability in every aspect of our lives, making it an incredibly powerful tool for those who seek harmony in their romantic relationships and beyond. Whether you're searching for a way to open your heart to new experiences, heal old wounds, or simply invite more love and compassion into your life, quartz is the answer. At its core, this gem affects the heart chakra like nothing else, helping you access the very essence of love itself. With the help of quartz, you can deepen your connections, be more kind and compassionate to yourself and others, and build a more harmonious and trusting relationship based on absolute love.



Quartz is a fascinating mineral that is known to have numerous health benefits. One of the significant benefits of using or wearing quartz is that it can improve spiritual growth and enhance wisdom. It is believed to have powerful properties that can help clarify thoughts, emotions and help achieve inner peace. Quartz is also known for its ability to stimulate inspiration and creativity, leading to increased creativity and innovation. It's a great study aid that assists with concentration and memory recall. Besides, its therapeutic properties are known to help with various health issues, such as bone injuries, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and intestinal troubles. It is said to increase healing energy and is remarkably good for long-lasting fatigue, arthritis, and other chronic illnesses. In summary, incorporating quartz into your life can help enhance your overall well-being and contribute to your spiritual growth. Its benefits are far-reaching, and you can never go wrong incorporating this magnificent crystal into your life.



Russia, Brazil, United States, Nigeria, Kongo


universal crystal

Quartz purifies and opens the spirit at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, buried inner healing, and a sense of peace.


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