Pearl carries the calming healing power of the sea. It is a pressure relieving stone, relaxing, pacifying and calming to the emotions. Pearl boosts feelings of grace and positive, uplifting feelings. Calms and soothes the emotions, cures the negative inner speech and sub-personalities. These Moon and Water ruled stones build up sincerity, truth, and loyalty. This gem shifts negative attachments out of the aura, support to release negative karmic model, and load the aura with healing energy. During meditation, this gem cheers up money to run into your life and observe yourself using it wisely.



Pearl wake up our intuition, imagination, sensitiveness and adaptability. It assists our feeling change into harmony and balance. It permits you too smoothly verbalize feelings of love. Pearls assist to balance the body’s natural rhythms and harmonize levels with the lunar cycles. Pearls keep water and lunar energy. As they simply absorb both positive and negative thoughts and feeling they have to be cleaned and recharged often. Put them in the moonlight to reload these crystals.


Exposing pearl jewelry to fresh air will keep them in better condition, than sorting them for long periods of time. One of the easiest ways to take care of your pearls is to wear them often.
Clean the pearls extremely lightly using a soft piece of fair cotton material dampened in warm water. Don’t be tempted to explore the necklace or bracelet in the bathe as that potency cause the silk thread to extend and weaken. If that itself isn’t enough, add a bit of soap. As you softly clean each pearl you might be amazed by how much grease moves off!



Real pearls are organic - which means the color might change after some time, especially white pearls usually turn yellowish. To avoid yellowing please storing them away in the dry environment, without any air.
Simple test: select the pearl and rub it between teeth. Cultured and natural pearls will feel a little screeching, because of the surface of the natural nacre. Imitations will feel like polished glass because the top is molded.



Common colors - Cream, beige, pink, purple, white, black.


spreads loving vibration

These stones when worn or carried, spreading loving vibrations. Dress in pearls as a guarantee for a blessed marriage.


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