The natural world is full of wonders that seem to have an almost magical effect on us, and one such wonder is Aquamarine crystal. This stunning gemstone is often compared to the pure and calming qualities of water and the serene atmosphere of the ocean. Like a mermaid's secret treasure, Aquamarine is imbued with an energy that relaxes the mind and helps us find our Zen as we go about our daily lives. It has long been known to have a cleansing effect on the body and soul, getting rid of any emotional toxins that may be weighing us down. Not only that, but it has the potential to help us achieve eternal youth! This gentle stone also has the power to bring lovers back in harmony by helping them open up and communicate more effectively. It can clear any feelings of anger and promote a more joyful outlook on life. By meditating with Aquamarine, one can access its records and find insights into both past and future events, making it the perfect ally for those seeking guidance and inner peace.







The Aquamarine gemstone is a powerful support when it comes to the Throat chakra. It has the ability to calm a person's fear of speaking, making it an admirable choice for schoolteachers and presenters alike. This stunning gemstone has the remarkable ability to elevate one's level of consciousness to a point where individuals become fully aware of their own truths, wisdom, and feelings. Having this heightened level of self-awareness, it becomes easier for one to express themselves confidently with clarity and conviction. Additionally, Aquamarine helps individuals to communicate effectively in tough circumstances by enabling them to articulate in a clear and concise manner without expressing anger. So if you're looking for an aid in overcoming anxiety around speaking, Aquamarine is an excellent choice.



When it comes to cleaning your precious aquamarine jewelry, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure that it stays in pristine condition. Firstly, it is always best to use plain, warm soapy water when cleaning your jewelry, with a gentle, mild liquid soap and a toothbrush for a thorough clean. It is important to note that hot water can pose a risk of thermal shock, which can cause damage to your aquamarine, so using warm water is advised. It is strongly recommended that ultrasonic tanks are not used to clean your aquamarine jewelry, as the vibrations may cause damage. Additionally, it is important to keep your aquamarine jewelry away from temperature changes, as well as from steaming and exposure to cosmetics, hairspray, fragrances, or household chemicals, all of which can cause damage to the gemstone. Following these steps will help to ensure that your aquamarine jewelry stays as beautiful as the day you first acquired it.



washes away dark energy

This water-like gem clean up tenseness and fearfulness leaving space for peacefulness and quietness in their non-presence. The Aquamarine therapeutic effects defend the spirit from action on dark vibrations.