Blue Apatite sets free the thought that you have to suffer, it releases sadness thereby allowing you to hold peace and joy. Blue apatite has real uplifting energy. It comforts you to increase a higher position on situations so that you don't convert encumbered in impassioned responses. Blue apatite smooths public speaking, boost communication, and cures emotional maladies. Blue apatite is inspiring to the consciousness and can build up universal intellectual work and clarity. Blue apatite joins you to a high-reaching level of spiritual guidance. Blue apatite can be worn like a dream stone to increase your unconscious.



Gold Apatite benefits a person who is hurt from jealousy. Apatite lends a sunlit force to the aura, serving you to feel optimistic about life. It build-up a belief in the dignity and instills self-confidence. Apatite grows motivation and raises up strength reserves. It leads to receptiveness and public ease, supporting extroversion, dissolving distance, and alienation. It takes away negativity about yourself and others. Apatite is great for meditation and for increasing clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and past-life recall. It is an effective gem for connecting with the earth vibe. Gold Apatite neutralizes stored anger. Apatite corrective you run over lethargy, depression, unproductive learning. Apatite is adjusted to the futurity likewise joins you to past lives. Gold Apatite is a successful gem on various levels, but remarkably on the sacred level. It helps you bond with your passions and dreams, supporting energy to show those dreams.



Apatite has inspirational properties. The port between knowingness and business is a gem of materialization and encourages a human character motion towards service. It balances the physical, emotional, mental, and sacred bodies, and the chakras, eliminating overactivity and inspiring under-activity.  Apatite spread out consciousness and authenticity and comfort sorrow, apathy, and anger. It decreases temper. Apatite eases hard relationships, serving you to communicate your feelings understandably without over-emotional action. Apatite carries sociability. It stimulates liveliness, motivation, and drive.



Apatite can be yellow, green, grey, blue, white, purple, brown, red-brown, and violet.



Neon Apatite helping hand in the light of cure emotional prototype with a foundation in lifetimes. It carries a universal meaning of emotional well-being and sanative into the aura. Neon Apatite comfort you appreciate the mental reason for issues of richness and money. Apatite help experience truthful abundance, significant appreciation for life, breath, and love. As soon as this is established, it can boost attracting money. Neon Apatite shows your vision, breakthrough your thought of abundance, and treat imbalances about money. It is a cheerful gem that stimulates you to release your bond to sickness or illness and to focus with renewed trust and health.


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