Oldest crystal

Garnet is the oldest crystal in history, bet on to the Bronze age. Garnet is great for energizing the ability in other gemstones intensifying their effects. Historically Garnet was used as a defensive charm to protect against injury. Garnet can bring bravery and belief support the survival instinct and is helpful in distressing situations, and it means to be the gem of commitment.​


Boost inspiration

Garnet boosts inspiration and contemplation. Garnet makes understanding clear. It upgrades self-respect and removes inhibitions and taboos. Garnets release of unneeded thoughts and views. It permits its holder to be warm-hearted, trusting, and genuine. Garnet grows self-respect and raises their strength of character. It delivers hope, courage, and belief, and engages resolution in complex situations. Garnet energizes love and lightens emotional disharmony.


grow business

Another property of Garnet is that it is worthy in the business world. When worn during meditation, gemstones invite fresh business chances and grow individual success. It develops fearlessness and impulse in recent circumstances. Garnet is a warm, sincere and trustful stone. It is a commanding device and can boost energy wheresoever it is placed. 



Garnet is related to the heart chakra. It is frequently granted as everlasting love. It is a gem of compassion, bravery, and love. It nurtures full of years of emotional damage that have to be healed and balances the yin-yang energy allowing one to carry through their highest potential. Garnet protects the base chakra and stimulates healthful sexuality and intuition. It washes and re-energizes the chakras.

tsavorite affirmation


The world discovered many garnet colors, each with its name. For example, Pure Red Garnet call as Pyrote Garnet, Dark Red Garnet Almandine Garnet, Pink color call Rhodolite Garnet, Orange color will be Spessartite Garnet, and Pure Orange people call "Fanta" Garnet because it reminds the color of Fanta itself. Garnets can change color, and this type of Garnet can be priceless. Well it is not the end, Garnet can be light Green color and it will be Grossular Garnet or Mali Garnet, Deep Green color is called Tsavorite Garnet, and one of the rarest is Demantoid Garnet, which has rich green colors with colorful flashes. 


energizes your love

 The name “Garnet” comes from “Garanatus” which means “seed-like” in Latin. This is mentioned mostly to a pomegranate because the delightful rich red Colour of the Garnet tight be like the red seeds found inside the fruit.


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